Friday 20 October 2023

Waterline Winterizing

    Since winter is the most serious season in the Central Interior of British Columbia, those of us who live in rural areas have to spend a lot of time getting everything ready for it.  One of my top priorities is making sure our waterline is winterized.  During the Spring and Summer we had a heavy-duty grate over the top of our culvert to prevent rocks, carried down Sunbeam Creek Falls from filling up our culvert.  Before winter, we have to take the grate off, because it might cause freezing ice to block the water flow into the culvert.  Without the grate, the water continues to flow into the culvert underneath the ice-buildup.

    When we went up to the falls to do the work, we saw that because of our drought, the water wasn’t flowing over the top of our culvert like it should be doing.  I had made a long sausage-like sandbag which we put inside the bottom of the culvert where water was leaking out, and after we changed our filter and put the wooden watergate back in, the sandbag did stop the leakage, and we were happy to see the water level rise and start pouring over the top of the culvert like it should.

    The photo below shows my neighbor, Glen, pounding the watergate down to make sure it was secure.

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