Monday 23 October 2023

At The Ready

     I have mentioned before about all of those many preparations that have to be done before winter hits us.  Yesterday, I cranked up my snowblower, which had spent the summer in the barn, and I moved it into the garage, aiming outward, and parked just inside the garage door, ready to clear the driveway, when we get that first big snowfall.  (We actually had a bit of snow falling this morning.)

    In the photo you can also spot a few other of my winter preparations.  See the white bucket beside the snowblower?  That is one of two buckets of gravel that I can spread on the driveway if the packed snow turns into ice.  The tan crates beside it are full of cedar kindling that I split from some old fence posts that I tore down this summer.  I will use the kindling to build or restart the fire in our wood stove on those cold winter mornings.

    I can only think of one other job that needs to be done before winter:   We still need to plant our garlic, but the plot we use at our friend’s house has not yet been tilled.  Hopefully we will get the garlic in the ground this week.

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