Monday 2 October 2023

Dirty Dog & Potatoes

    Our forecast called for showers today and actual RAIN on Tuesday, so yesterday I decided to dig a row of potatoes, because if the soil is dry, the potatoes come out cleaner.  While I was out in the garden digging the potatoes, Kona, inspired by my digging, decided to do some digging in the garden herself, hoping to find a mouse.   The photo above shows how she looked when we got back in the house.  The potatoes I dug, came out cleaner than Kona.

    Generally I plant six or seven rows of potatoes.  That always gives us more than we need.  In the spring I planted seven rows and figured I was done, then I discovered another bag of potatoes in the crawlspace where I store the potatoes over the winter.  I hated to see them just go to waste, so I planted 2 more rows of potatoes in the garden, making nine rows all together (way too many).  

    The potatoes in the row I dug yesterday, turned out really good, with lots of big potatoes, which was a surprise since it was so terribly dry this summer.    I had been digging some individual potato plants throughout the summer as we needed them.  All the rows did really well except for the red potatoes which were horrible.  Many were rotten, and most were deformed, so I probably lost all of those, which leaves me seven more rows of potatoes to dig.  That will certainly be plenty.

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