Tuesday 24 October 2023

1987 Travel Journal: A Seaside Hut

            Fred and I climbed aboard the bus when it arrived and headed north to Corozal.  The bus ride was very civilized, compared to those I had experienced in Guatemala.  The scenery, however was not as interesting, just flat bush, then later as we approached Corozal, fields of sugar cane.  Having arrived at our destination, we caught a cab, and inquired with the driver about possible accommodations.  He recommended we try the Adventure Inn, just 10 miles down the road.

    The Adventure Inn which was owned by Canadians, was a beautifully situated series of neat, thatched huts all lined up along the shore of the Caribbean Sea.   Each hut was equipped with hot and cold running water, a toilet, and a shower.  Fred and I shared a hut which cost $48 Belizean dollars, which converted was $24 US dollars, which split two ways was $12 a piece, not bad for accommodations in a beautiful beach setting.

    That evening we had a delicious quick-fried shrimp and rice, and chocolate cake.  We lingered in the little restaurant, just relaxing and talking.  It started to rain and a good part of restaurant’s roof began to leak, but not the thatched part, the plastic roofing part.

        The photo shows Fred in front of our Adventure Inn hut.  That gray thing on the left side of the hut is the shower.

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