Wednesday 25 October 2023

First Ice On The Pond

    I am a veteran season watcher, but I confess that I was surprised this morning when I saw that the pond was glazed over with a layer of ice.  I suspect that this will be one of those temporary icings, that occur before winter’s permanent pond ice sets in, but you never know, during our first year in Canada, it dropped below freezing on Halloween, and didn’t rise above it until Spring.

    This year we have been spoiled and left unaware by our long warm autumn, and although we had a few frosts, it seemed that the colder weather was still somewhere far away in the future.  Yesterday, when I was planting my garlic, my hands were pretty cold and stiff by the time I got done.  Last night was forecast to get down to -14°C (7°F), but fortunately, we got cloud instead of clear, and woke up to just -3°C (27°F), but obviously that was enough to put ice on the pond,

    There is a chill in the air, and I have adapted by putting on my long johns, and building a fire in the wood stove.   Today, I will definitely go out to the shop and dig out my down coats and winter boots.  I won’t really need them yet, but slipping on my winter boots to go outside to quickly do something, is a lot easier than having to lace up heavier footwear just to do a quick walk around the pond.

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