Thursday 26 October 2023

1987 Travel Journal: Belizean Seaside


    Not too many adventures at the Adventure Inn today.  Fred and I went for a walk down a couple of nearby “cane haul” roads, but didn’t see much of interest; just a few lizards, some birds, and part of a snake skeleton.  Once back at the Inn, we went for a swim in the Caribbean, ate some tostadas for lunch, read a couple of Newsweek and World Press magazines, then back into the ocean for another swim, all typical seaside tourist stuff—eat, lounge, and swim.  

    I sure can’t fault the Adventure Inn for their food.  On that last of our evening there, we stuffed ourselves with a tasty meal of delicious pork chops, potatoes in orange skins, a salad, and a coconut creme pie.  After the meal, Fred and I lingered at the restaurant, until a rain, harder than last night started leaking through the roof.

    I slept well in the civilized world of the Adventure Inn, getting up refreshed at 7:30 to organize my stuff, ready for another bus trip, this time, back into Mexico.  For breakfast had a Coke, toast, and jam.  We received our total bill for our two night stay.  It was $96 (Belizean) or $48(US), which was expensive, compared to what I had been paying for accommodations previously on my trip, but I was happy to pay the $24 a night.

    The Adventure Inn was a very relaxing spot, and the food was delicious.  I didn’t do much except take it easy and swim, but my digestive tract seems to like the change and began functioning normally once again, unlike in Guatemala.

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