Thursday 12 October 2023

Sorry, Spider Plants

    We’ve had the spider plants you see in the photo above, for probably forty years.  They live in the house during the winter, then in the summer we put them outside to enjoy the warm summer months.   A week ago while they were outside, it seemed like it might frost overnight, so I hastily, aspen leaves and all, brought them inside and put them on the dining room floor.  There, they sat for a week, while outside, the weather changed again, giving us record-breaking, warm days.  

    It seemed crazy to keep the spider plants inside in the dark dining room, while it was so pleasant  outside, so two days ago, I carried them back outside to the deck, so they could once again enjoy the warm sunny weather.

    You can probably guess what happened next.  Yes, last night we had another frost, so this morning when I realized it, I carried the shivering spider plants back to the dining room floor, in hopes that they will recover.  The poor spider plants are terribly root bound, so if they have survived the cold, I vow to re-pot them as penance for my leaving them out in the freezing temperatures.

    The photo below shows what the day looked like this morning.  I have never seen the fog dispersed  in such a way, with a thick, dense fog hanging above the Fraser River, and a lighter, wispier fog spread out through the trees at the far end of my pond.


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