Saturday 14 October 2023

Eclipse of the Sun Cancelled, Due to Weather

    In a couple of hours, somewhere over the solid cloud cover blanketing the Robson Valley, there will be a partial eclipse of the Sun.  Like most astronomical events that I hear about and want to see, I won’t be able to, because of thick, overcast, clouds.   Like clockwork, clouds anticipate interesting cosmic events and move in to obscure them.  

    I guess when it starts getting dark later in the morning, we will know that thousands of miles above us the Moon will be slowly moving across the Sun, and our partial eclipse is happening. For us it will just seem like a cloudy evening is approaching.   Whoopie-do ! 

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  1. If it makes you feel any better, we have very cloudy skies today here, too. We wouldn't have had the view you would, but were to be able to observe it. Not today.