Thursday 6 December 2018

Sunlight on Painting

    I am attracted to sunlight highlighting something in a dark background, and many of my paintings have that as a subject.  My current painting is no different.  When I am done painting my square each day, I roll the easel over to a corner of the room that doesn’t have a lot of light and there it stays until the next morning when I begin painting again.  
    Yesterday afternoon when I walked up the stairs, I noticed that a beam of sunlight from a window was falling across part of the painting.  The bright light really brought out some of the subtle color changes in the individual squares.  I liked the effect so much I took the photo above.
    My paintings are always at there best when they have bright light illuminating them.  We have my “Sunflower” painting hanging in the bedroom on a dark blue wall.  When the track lighting is on highlighting the painting, it gives the sunflower an amazingly brilliant glow.  It’s a beautiful effect.

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