Sunday 30 December 2018

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...Winter

    I guess I can quit my bellyaching about how un-wintery it has been up here in the Robson Valley.  Mother Nature finally got busy and gave us some snow-- 15 inches (38cm) of the white powdery stuff.  I started doing normal winter things like pushing the snow shovel around and starting up my snowblower, that has been sitting lonely on the carport.  I think I will probably get it out again this afternoon and clear off the 4 inches (10cm) that fell after I cleared the driveway yesterday.
    I knew a couple of people that had to do long drives on the highways yesterday, and I certainly felt sorry for them because I suspect the driving conditions were horrible with blowing snow, whiteouts, and a lot of white-knuckle driving.  For us homebodies, it just seemed like things finally got back to winter normal.

Look at my paintings:

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