Friday 28 December 2018

From the Diary, Dec. 1977

    Back in 1977 Joan and I drove down to Indiana for Christmas.  It was a brutal drive; 4 days behind the wheel, 10 or 12 hours a day.  Weather was always a concern, but we were young and foolish.  On Dec. 30th after our visit, we climbed back into our car (an International Scout, today you would call it a SUV) and began our trip back to Canada.
    When we got to Sioux Falls we ran into heavy snow, which got worse and worse, causing drifts across the Interstate Highway.  
    “The wind was terrible and bitter cold.  We finally pulled over into a rest area and squeezed together in our sleeping bags in the little space we had in the back of the Scout.  It was really cold!  
    When we woke up the next morning it was still snowing, blowing and freezing.  Our car wouldn’t start.  Two Native Americans tried to give us a jump-start (with starter cables,) but it still wouldn’t start.  (I thanked them for trying to help, and I didn’t want to hold them up any longer) so told them to leave and we got back into our sleeping bags.  
    The two Native Americans returned 30 minutes later with some starter fluid, and our car started.  They wouldn’t take any money for their help.”
    I will never forget the kindness of those two guys, who took the time to help us stranded travelers in a blizzard.  It was a real example of the spirit all of us are supposed to renew on Christmas.

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  1. One of the guys on the team was from our hometown.(dec 27) entry
    Great to have folks who care about another human isn't it.
    The Native Americans , good good.
    So, you already have the journals to write a book. Let me know when you publish!