Friday 7 December 2018

Hub of Activity

    While seeing this number of vehicles parked outside a building might not seem like a lot in most places, in the tiny village of McBride it indicates a gathering of a lot of people.  On this morning, there must have been more people in the library, than in any other store in McBride.  Our new library, which opened in the Spring has been a huge boon got our community. 
    Residents who had never been seen darkened the halls of the old library have suddenly discovered all the things that a library can offer, even if it is just a soft chair to lounge in while browsing through a magazine.  One library worker told me that they have two new requests for library cards every week.  In this tiny community that is amazing.
    Joan and I were always going to the library, but this new building is so much more comfortable that we are frequenting it even more.  I go for our music jam on Tuesday night, the ukulele jam on Friday afternoon, and the book club.  Joan goes to the weekly fibre arts group gathering and to pick up books.
    Every time we drive down Main St. I am gratified that the new library building happened.  It was a real struggle, since there was some vocal opposition in the community, and in a previous village government that had to be thrown out of office, but that conflict was sure worth the effort, and has shown itself to have been a really positive and popular development for our community.
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