Saturday 22 December 2018

Rock Outcrops

    One of the most interesting features on the land across the road are the handful of rock outcropping that can be found there.  These ancient-looking structures are often partially covered with a thick lush covering of moss which makes them look even more enchanting and mystical.  Here are photos of two of the outcrops.
    I have always been charmed by rocky moss-covered outcrops.  As a child growing up in Indiana, surrounded by mildly rolling fields and oak and maple wooded areas, I was enchanted with the dark, rocky canyons of Turkey Run State Park, where my parents took us camping.  I remember immediately loving the dark and damp Turkey Run ecosystems, featuring the ferns, rocks, and mosses that were found more often in more northern climes.  It’s nice to have similar places to explore, just across the road.

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