Sunday 28 October 2018

Jervis Road Walk

    On this gloomy gray morning, it was nice to plug my camera into the computer and bring up these photos I took yesterday on our walk down Jervis Road.  The weather was mild with the Sun beaming down, and there were just enough clouds to make the sky interesting.  
    As you can see, the leaves have left the trees, so we have to glean as much color as we can from the yellowish-tan grass, the blue mountains, and the sky.  
    Jervis Road is a perfect place for a walk because it runs down the middle of the Robson Valley.   As a result, you get a beautiful 360 degrees view of the valley, with the mountains along it’s edge, for the whole length of the walk.  It is rare that any vehicles come driving down the road, so you are alone among the fields and peaks.  The only downside is the weather.  On unstable days the winds can rip across the pastures, but fortunately that was not the case yesterday.

You can take a look at my paintings:

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