Tuesday 30 October 2018

A Long Awaited Trip to the Dump

    Waste management is an important part of life during these times of excess.  To get rid of our garbage and waste we have to deliver it to the “transfer station” where it is collected and shipped off to Prince George.  We take a garbage bag of trash there about every other week, so going to the dump is not all that unusual or exciting, but this last trip was.
    Readers of this blog might remember back at the beginning of the month, I was excited about finally receiving the trailer I had ordered.  I had to assemble it, then it took me three trips to the Village Office to get insurance and a license for it.  Then I had to wait another week to get the local garage to wire up my truck so that the tail lights on the trailer would work.  When all that was done, I had to clear out a place in the barn to park the trailer when it was not being used.  Finally all those tasks were done, and I was ready to put the trailer to use.
    The first trip was to take all of the junk I had cleared from the barn to the dump.  That we did yesterday. The load consisted mostly of old wooden pieces and bags and bags of 20 year old feed bags, that I was always saving.   I was of course, filled with anxiety.  Would the trailer work?  Had I missed something that might cause it to fall apart?  Would I be able to back the trailer up to the trash bins?  Worry, worry, worry.
    The backing of a trailer was my biggest concern.  While I have backed trailers that many times in the past, it can always be a bit complicated for me.  (We actually hauled all of our possessions from the States up to Canada in a utility trailer when we immigrated, back in the early 1970’s)   Since then I have had to back horse trailers, trailers full of fire fighting equipment, and trailers full of firewood, so I am not a virgin when it comes to backing a trailer, but I hadn’t done it for more than a decade, and I always have to have something to worry about.
    Anyway, the big trip to the dump went very smoothly, and without any problems.  Taking things to the dump and unburdening myself with unwanted stuff always makes me feel good, and I suspect there will be many more “feel good” trips with the trailer in the future.
    Just a note:  you might wonder about the weed cutter amongst the junk.  I could no longer get it to run, and the local repairer couldn’t fix it, without costing as much as a new one, so sadly it is now in a trash bin.

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