Saturday, 21 April 2018

Our Cat is More Dog-like Than Our Dog

    I’ve mentioned before that Skye, our dog, would rather be on the bed than to go outside and explore.  Our previous dog, Mac, was just the opposite, he loved to be outside sniffing around, checking things out, and going for a walk.  We go on walks, both away, and around the property daily, and Skye grudgingly and slowly follows behind us, instead of being out front exploring.
    Luckily, Lucifer our cat is always keen and up for a walk.  The other day I thought I would walk Skye around the pond.  She went out as far as the pasture, then planted her butt and sat there.  Lucifer, however joined me and walked around the pond with me.  
    By the time I had circled the pond, Skye had disappeared from her spot and had gone back into the house, but Lucifer our faithful cat was still with me.

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