Sunday, 8 April 2018

Geese in a Pasture

    Our friend Di has been staying with us these last few days and we have dragged her out for our dog walks every day.  Our first expedition was out on Jervis Road.  As we walked down the road we passed a stand of aspens that separate the two pastures, unexpectedly to our left we noticed that the field was full of Canada Geese, I mean really full of them, there were hundreds.
    The photo above shows just part of them, if you imagine expending the photo two the right about five lengths, you will get some idea of how many geese were in the field.  
    It was very surreal situation.  All those hundreds of geese silently watched us, tense, and ready to explode into the air at the slightest unexpected movement from us.  We slowly walked forward a bit, but I was afraid they would all take off, so suggested we turn around and leave them at peace.
    All the lakes are still frozen, although the Fraser River is partially open.  Even though Spring is slow in coming, the animals are arriving on schedule.

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