Wednesday 6 September 2017

Where Have All The Flowers Gone?

    “Where have all the flowers gone?” was the question Joan asked herself yesterday when she looked out and saw her geranium plant.  The answer was simple--a deer ate them.  
    This poor plant has had a hard year.  It sat unhappily in our entrance way all winter long trying to stay warm, and when we put it out in the spring it suffered because of not being accustomed to the direct sunlight.  Finally it recovered and started putting out blooms, but they didn’t last long because they were eaten during the night by a hungry deer.
    It again the plant recovered and, as you can see from all the upright stems in the photo, it was flowering again when, deja vu, the deer came back in the night for some dessert. 
    All this wildlife can sure lead to frustration.

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