Friday 29 September 2017

Back on the Bike

    Every Spring I get my bike out of the barn and have it ready to ride.  I like riding my bike and before I retired I used to bike the 8 km (5 miles) to work most days from Spring to Fall, however since retiring I am embarrassed to say that I am lucky if I get on my bike once a year.  I know last year I only biked into town one time.  This year I have managed to do it twice.  
    Usually when I have to go to town it is because I have to haul something home or take something to town and my bike doesn’t work well for that, and our dog always likes to go for a ride, which also doesn’t work well on a bike, so I always end up driving .
    The three times I biked during the past two years has been when I go to our book club at the library.  The dog can’t really sit in the car during our get together, and since all I have to take is a pair of glasses and my iPad, I can easily do that with the bike.
    My trip yesterday to the book club was a struggle.  Not only were my legs out of shape and complaining about the sudden expenditure of energy and my butt irritated by the bike seat, but there were a really strong wind gusts that really slowed my progress.  I was pretty worn out when I got to the library.  The wind was still strong when I biked back home, and on my return I always have to bike up the steep hill by the Mennonite Church, which is always a chore.
    It was a beautiful day though and I stopped several times along the way to snap some photos of the autumn foliage.  I was tired when I got home, but happy that I had decided to take the bike.  Like every other year during the fall, I am hoping that next year I will do more trips on my bike.

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