Sunday 10 September 2017

What Am I Going to Draw a Cartoon About?

    I started drawing cartoons for the local paper in 1980.  At first it was a periodic activity; drawing one when I was mad at something going on, or something relevant.  Soon I was asked by the paper to do one every week, and I have been doing a weekly one ever since.  I presently supply a different cartoon for two local papers each week.  That means I have drawn a lot of cartoons.
    The hardest part about making a cartoon is coming up with a subject.  I get my inspiration mostly from things that happen to me or things that are effecting me.  Of course, the news or trends also become subjects.  Today I decided to look over my file of cartoons to see what subjects I rely on heavily.  This is what I found:
    I was surprised to find that my biggest subject was “Politics.”  I have drawn 86 cartoons on the subject.  They include local, provincial, and international politics.  Cartoons about “Gardening” came in 2nd with 54.  Right behind it was “Dogs” with 51 cartoons.  “Mosquitoes” account for 49 cartoons, others include: “Puns” (38) “Cats” (33) and “Birds (30).  “Gas” inspired 29.
    Because I live in British Columbia, weather and seasons have led to a lot of cartoons:  “Weather” (general) 24, “Winter” 41, “Snow” 27, “Spring” 27, and “Wind” 13.  I have drawn 41 cartoons dealing with “Christmas.”
    “Television” (23), “Lawns” (27), Computers (24), “McBride” (20), “Olympics” (22), “Clothes” (20), and the “Economy” (20) were also popular subjects.  
    I was surprised to find only 7 done on “Mice” because I had thought I had done more.  I had 18 “Deer” cartoons, and 10 “Bear” cartoons.
    The above mentioned cartoons are just some of those I have created.  When I was a kid trying to copy Don Martin cartoons from Mad Magazine, I never dreamed that that would lead to so many hours of drawing cartoons as an adult.  A person never knows just what things will be important in later years.

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  1. Very interesting. Good for you. That surely keeps your mind sharp. I thought maybe "jam sessions" or the like would make good fodder, you probably just didn't mention it in your list.
    Traveling, road conditions, shopping, clouds. The world is your oyster.