Friday 15 September 2017

I Picked the Fruit, Now What?

    In the fall we are always advised to pick all the fruit off of the trees before the bears come around.  Allowing bears to eat the fruit causes “problem bears” (bears that are likely to interact badly with people).  After our neighborhood bear started causing disrupted sleep and damage to our apple tree, I decided to pick all the fruit from our apple tree and plum tree before it was tempted to do them damage.
    The photo shows all the fruit I picked, and there is so much of it, I am really concerned about what to do with all of it.  Certainly Joan and I can’t eat it all, especially all of those plums.  I would give most of it away but don’t know who would want it.  I will try though.
    Right now it is stored, protected in my shop.  The apples aren’t really one of the varieties that can be stored very long.  I was going to look up on the internet to see how plums are made into prunes which would keep.  We will eat some of them raw because they are tasty, but we could never eat all of them before they start deteriorating.

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