Saturday 23 September 2017

Bumper Beet Crop

    Planting a garden is a lot like throwing dice; you never know what you are going to end up with.  This year my corn crop was a total bust with the frost killing the plant before the ears matured.  I had much better results with beets.  I ended up with the biggest beets I have ever grown.  
    I find eating beets is always a bit of a hassle because the tubers are so hard and they take so much cooking to soften them up, but I luckily discovered my pressure cooking Instant Pot the be the solution to that problem.  Our favorite way to eat beets is Joan’s very spicy pickled beets that are always a success with guests too.   She adds cayenne, and garlic to the pickled beets when she cans them and they are delicious.  
    I know that beets are not a favorite food for a lot of people.  One of my sisters doesn’t like their taste  and I recently read that the Obamas don’t like them either, but as I write this blog I can smell cooking beets and my saliva is running, because Joan is right in the middle of making the spicy pickled beets right now.  
    Below is a photo of the half quart jars, each with a garlic clove, half a bay leaf, and half a teaspoon of cayenne, waiting for the cooked beets and brine to be added.

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  1. Yum ! I have always liked beets. Remember Sir Beef in Evansville. Always had to have them from there when we went there. :) One of the things mom almost always had was beets. I like them plain now as well as pickled.