Saturday 30 September 2017

Koeneman Park

    When I think of parks in the area, I generally think about the spectacular “wild” parks like Mt. Robson Provincial Park, the Ancient Forest, or Jasper National Park, but the park we visit the most is Koeneman Regional Park, which is located just down the road, nestled beside the Fraser River.  Compared to the other parks I mentioned, Koeneman is tame and “civilized.”  With a nicely maintained lawn and picnic tables.
    It was the property of the Koenemans, one of the pioneering families in the Robson Valley.  It was their farm, and still features their old log house.  When we first moved to the area before it became a park, we greatly admired the cabin, and it’s beautiful setting.
    We have gotten into the habit of walking around the 5 hectare (12 acre) park almost daily, because it is one of our dog’s favorite places.  She can smell the scent of other dogs, without having to see them.  (The park is rarely peopled and usually empty when we visit.)
    The last couple of times we have been there it has been extremely beautiful.  The Sun is just about to dip behind the Cariboo Mountains, but is still hitting the colored autumn leaves on the trees directly.  The photos show what we saw.


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