Sunday 28 May 2017

Firewood Scenery

    In the past when I go out to get firewood, I head to some old logged out area in search of trees that have blown down.  This usually means that after I buck up a tree, I have to carry each piece of wood some distance back to the truck.  Sometimes 40 or so meters away.  All this carrying is the worst part about getting firewood.
    Last week I saw a notice in Pete’s Email (a local notice board) that an acquaintance in Dunster had firewood, free for the taking.  I called the guy and got the details.  It was aspen, the trees were laying in his pasture and just had to be bucked up.  I could drive right up beside the trees.
    Even though Dunster is  24 miles (38 km) away, it was all highway driving and not the usual rough bumpy logging roads, and the advantage of being able to drive right up to the wood rather than have to carry it a distance to the truck was a winning feature.  I gathered up all my chainsaw gear, drove out to Dunster, and got the wood.
    Another of the benefits of the excursion was the beautiful scenery that surrounded me as I cut the wood.  The pasture was full of sheep and lambs, and the greens of the grass, the blues of the mountains, and the snow-capped peaks were an inspiration every time I took a break and looked around.  I certainly love living in the Robson Valley.

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