Saturday 13 May 2017

But It's Raining Outside.

    Our dog Skye is not the most energetic and outdoor-oriented dog I have known.  Her preferred habitat is on top of the bed in a dark bedroom.  Every morning, however, Joan makes her go out to have a pee in the yard.  As a reward for this feat, Skye gets a little dog treat.
    The other day, it was raining, and Skye didn’t want to go outside.  Joan opened the door and coerced her, but Skye, instead of going out on the lawn to pee, Skye just walked immediately around to the carport and let herself in the back door, then quietly slipped into the bedroom and curled up on the bed.
    Her behavior called for “heavier guns” so I was called to get her to go out and pee.  I tried to encourage her verbally, but without response, so finally I just had to lift her from the bed and carry her outside.  I followed her out into the yard and waited until she had done her duty.
    What a dog.

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