Wednesday 17 May 2017

Expensive Cat Scratching Post

    I admit it, we indulge our pets.  Lucifer, our cat, has good house manners and she respects our furniture, but she began to sharpen her claws on the cedar support post by our living room.  After a while, it started to show the damage that her claws were doing to the wood.  
    Joan suggested that we buy some rope and just wrap it around the post and let Lucifer do her scratching on that.  I wasn’t sure how tightly I could get a rope to go around the square corners of the post, but in the end we bought the rope and wrapped the post.  It worked really well.
    It was a bit pricey though.  We ended up having to buy a whole coil of rope which cost us $100.  I was surprised that it took 200 feet (60 m) of rope to wrap the post.
    In the end it was worth all of the trouble, because the post looks good and Lucifer enjoys her new scratching post.

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