Wednesday 10 May 2017

Colorful Conks

    I went out to cut firewood yesterday.  I have been going to an old logged out area where they left a lot of birch trees standing.  Every winter some of those birch trees blow over in windstorms and they are the trees I look for to provide my firewood.  Of course, I am not the only person that goes out there for firewood.  Now after so many years, all of the easy wood has been taken, so if I do find a blown down tree it is far from the road and I end up having to carry the pieces quite a distance back to my truck.  
    The ground in cutblocks is criss-crossed with left over debris from the logging.  Yesterday as I was carefully weaving my way through the debris carrying chunks of the firewood I had cut, I noticed this downed birch with orangish conks (fungus growing out of wood) on it.  When you see conks on a tree, it means the wood inside is rotten or rotting, so it is no good for firewood, but at least this birch provided a splash of color as I trudged back and forth carrying pieces of wood to my truck.

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