Sunday 1 January 2017

New Year's Eve at Milnes

    As the world goes to Hell, its nice that at least traditions with friends continue.
    For years on New Year’s Eve, a group of friends have been gathering at Milnes to enjoy each others company, eat, and then bravely face the new year.  The tradition continued last night, although without Trevor and Norma who were sadly laid up and homebound with illness.  Those that could make it ate a wonderful meal that Lyuba prepared, (desserts by Joan), had lots of laughs, and having eaten way too much, fought to stay awake until midnight.
    The evening began chaotically for Joan and I, we were driving through a snowstorm, halfway to Milnes, when we realized we had forgotten a couple of items.  We turned around, and on our way home we were stopped by the RCMP roadblock checking for drunk drivers.  Once through that, we retrieved what we had forgotten (and in the process disturbed the pets at home, who thought we had returned for the night).  
    Anyway, forgotten items in hand, we got back into the car and drove again through the snowstorm, were stopped again by the RCMP roadblock, but this time we actually made it to Milnes although 20 minutes late.
    Below Dave Milne, who is originally from England, lights his traditional Christmas pudding.

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