Tuesday 3 January 2017

It Begins

    Although I am a very politically oriented person, I have tried to steer away from politics on this blog, but you will have to indulge me today, because I am worked up and have to get something off of my chest.  As you might guess from this cartoon which I drew back before Christmas, I am very pessimistic about what the future holds, mostly because of the results of the US election.
    It looks like I have every right to be afraid.  Last night the Republicans, who are laying the groundwork for bellying up to the trough,  voted to do away with the independent ethics committee, that works to keep the people in Congress honest, and replace it with a committee controlled by Republicans, and secret, without any obligation to release its findings to the public.  I think that pretty much shows the direction that country it headed in.
    I feel my long ago decision to immigrate to Canada is reaffirmed.  As a New Year Resolution, I will attempt to ignore the slow train wreck that is happening in the US and focus on the world I see immediately around me.

    Tomorrow for a first step, I will be back on this blog, talking about our cat.

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