Saturday 14 January 2017

A Puzzler

    I am always surprised at the unexpected things that pop up every day.  I was reminded of this yesterday when I was at Horseshoe Lake.
    Even though I am still very sick, our dog demands a drive in the car and a walk every afternoon.  I was too weak to fight her insistence, and so I drove her down to Horseshoe Lake and pulled into the small parking area.  I was getting out of the car when I noticed something sitting in the snow on top of  the parking border.  I had to give my head a shake when I realized it was a bathroom scales.
    One might expect to see a lost glove or some piece of litter someone discarded, but a bathroom scales?  I have no explanation as to why it was there.  Horseshoe Lake is not a place where people would dump their trash, and there weren’t any other household items to be seen, only the scales.  It seems strange that someone would bring just a scales to Horseshoe Lake then leave it.
    Soft snow is not really a suitable surface for weighing something, so that doesn’t seem to be a reason.   It is winter outside with a biting wind and drifting snow, not the conditions one would choose in weighing something.  I tried to think up other scenarios that would explain it, but at that point my fevered brain shut down.  It still remains a mystery to me.
    I left the scales where it was in case someone took it out of their vehicle and forgot it.  If it is still there the next time I return, I will put it in the trash can.

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