Monday 9 January 2017

Cards and Prints

    In a crass attempt to generate some revenue from my paintings, I got some cards and 18” X 24” prints made from 5 of my paintings.  I was quite pleased at how well they turned out, they look extremely close to the originals.  Unfortunately, their production missed the local Christmas Fair season, so I will sell them at McBride’s Whistlestop Gallery until the next “Fair” season rolls around.
    The prints are done on heavy art paper and can be mailed in a protective tube.  Cost of a print is $80 plus whatever the mailing is.  I am charging $6 for each card & envelope plus mailing cost.  
    There, my capitalist appeal is over, and I will wait for all the money to pour in.

To get a better look at these paintings and all of my others go to:

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