Saturday 14 January 2017

House of Pestilence

    Joan and I continue to be whacked out by our terrible colds and are spending most of our days in bed sleeping.  This of course makes for some pretty long days and nights.  I find it amazing just how quickly something like a cold can take hold and totally weaken you.  One day you are normal and the next day, just walking across the room exhausts you.
    I used to sometimes naively think that living in such an isolated area like we do, would gave us some degree of protection from contagious diseases, like those small out of the way villages that escaped the ravages of the Black Death, but now I realized that we really don’t have any more protection than anywhere else, because people are continually coming and going, to and from the far away larger centers and bringing microbes as well as their supplies home, and once its here, it quickly spreads around in our tight knit community.  Some one told me that a week ago our bank was closed one day because all of its employees were sick with this cold.
    All one can do in this kind of situation is to wait it out, so that’s what we will do.

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