Tuesday 8 March 2016

Too Bad, Nice Cup


    My sister works for a plastics company.  She showed me this new cup that they developed.  It feels really firm in the hand, it is designed to support very beautiful graphics on its side, and it is very well insulated so that it is great for both hot and cold drinks.  The really great thing about it is that it is totally recyclable, unlike the millions of coffee containers that get tossed into the trash every day. 
     The plastics company bought a plant in Kentucky that was closing to manufacture it and was able to rehire workers that had lost their jobs.  It was an all around good story.
     Now the bad news.  None of the giant food corporations wants to buy the cup, despite all thier talk about being "green" and now it looks like the new factory will close, and this great cup will disappear along with the jobs--too bad.

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