Thursday 10 March 2016

The Old Spring House


      As a kid, I grew up in the perfect environment.  In our rural neighborhood there were farms, houses, and forest lands. I love to explore it. One of the places that was most interesting to me was an abandoned farm. It had sat vacant and deteriorating for decades.   One of the most intriguing buildings on the place was the dairy or spring house. It was located at the bottom of a slope and enclosed a spring that gurgled out of the ground, and a creek that ran through the building. I assume that the water kept the dairy products cool. 
       I hadn't been down to that farm for about 40 years. During that time the old farm had been subdivided and big beautiful houses had been built. I was curious as to what it looked like in the old farm site, so my brother and I drove down to take a look. (I figured homeowners would get suspicious if the two of us just walked down the road.). As we drove down the road I steered toward where I remembered the homestead was. The road came to a stop right in front of a house and we were embarrassed to see a woman right there picking daffodils. 
     We rolled down the window to explain why we were there and was curious about what we knew of the old Adler farm. Ann then invited us down to look at the old spring house that they had rebuilt. It is now all screened in and the spring and creek were still featured.   It was gratifying to see that that interesting part of the past was still around. 
     Below is a photo of the spring and creek. 

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  1. Thanks for your visit. It was a joy to share the memories of the past and the joys of the present.