Sunday 6 March 2016

Nature Is Solving the Problem

     Ten or more years ago there was a bad windstorm.  It toppled one of the big trees that lined the lane that runs beside my mother's place.  The tree itself grew on the golf course, but when it fell it took down some power lines and blocked the lane.  The power company came and sawed up the tree and fixed the power.  Everything was dealt with except the huge base of the tree that somehow was left on my mom's property and forgotten about.
     It always irritated me that it was just left there since it wasn't our tree and mom didn't have any equipment to deal with it.   Years passed, and after a while it just became to late to complain to anyone, although it bugged me every time I visited my mother and saw it there beside the lane. 
     The other day I was walking Skye down the lane and went over to inspect the tree and was gratified to discover it is rotting away.  When I kicked at it, sections would crumble into dirt, nature is solving the problem for me although it's probably going to take 20 years. 

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