Tuesday 15 March 2016

A Hard Four Days of Driving

    Driving the roughly 4000 kms ( 2400 miles) from Southern Indiana to McBride is always a bit of an ordeal, but this time we had an extra burden to bear--we were both suffering from a very bad cold.   We filled our long days in the car with coughing fits, exhaustion, chills, and not being very mentally sharp.  We collapsed into our motel beds at night after an unhealthy fast food meal, and then had to force ourselves out of the bed in the morning darkness to continue the trip the following day. 
    Fortunately, we did finally make it home yesterday and so now can relax a bit as we try to shake off this bug.  
    I passed up a lot of good photos along the way, I just didn’t have the energy to stop, but did manage to take a few shots.  Above you can see the sunrise we witnessed as we left Billings, Montana, on Sunday morning.  

Note: I am now back blogging on my website:  www.davidmarchant.ca

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