Thursday 24 March 2016

Old Birch Gone

    Our dear old birch that has been a prominent part of our yard since we bought our place 39 years ago is now laying on the ground.  It died a year ago and since its main fork was leaning somewhat toward the house, I thought I would get a professional to come and fall it.  Courtney Lipke of Cobrea Contracting came out and did the deed, carefully placing it so it fell where it did no damage. 
    I also had him trim the 4 remaining big willow branches that we had spared when I had the willows topped a year and a half ago.  Instead of using a boom, Courtney climbed up on the willow and cut it off, sparing our lilac tree which was growing below it.  It was fascinating to watch Courtney work with his chainsaw high off of the ground.  Photo below.

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