Wednesday 16 September 2015

Mushroom Close-Up

    It seems I spend my life looking for unexpected bits of color.  The other day at the McBride Airfield as we were walking Skye, I noticed a small speck of orange in the gravelly shoulder immediately beside the tarmac.  Having noted it in my brain, I walked passed it, but about 7 steps later I decided to go back an take a photo.  
    Joan and Skye, who kept on walking, looked back to find me laying on my belly with my camera in front of my face.  Above you see the picture I took.  While the orangish mushroom was the main attraction, when I got home and downloaded the photo onto the computer, I was struck by all the fine hairs sticking up from the leaves of what I think was hawkweed plant.  You may not be able to see them on your screen, but I struck me just how many things in nature go un-noticed.  I hadn’t noticed the hairs when I took the photo, not until I had enlarged it on the computer.

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