Monday 7 September 2015

Kitchen Aid

    One of the things I always look forward to once our tomatoes and chilis start coming in, is Joan’s fresh salsa on nachos.  Once we have ravaged that tasty treat, we are left with the glass pie plate with bits of melted cheese stuck to it.  That was the situation we faced the other day. 
    Skye our dog is perpetually hungry and continually stares us down with her pitifully sad eyes as if she is slowly starving to death.  We try to be hard core about only feeding her at her eating time, but her quiet pleading weakened us the other day, and we gave in and gave her the plate to clean out.
    She was so happy.  She scooted the pie pan around on the floor trying to get every last morsel, until finally she got it wedged between the wall and her water bowl, once firmly secured in position, she really went to work cleaning it out.

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