Sunday 27 September 2015

I've Got to Get Out of Here, Debbie is Coming


     I am going to be taking care of my 93 year old mother while my sister, who generally takes care of her, takes a well deserved vacation.  I arrived last night and my sister picked me up at the airport and drove me to my mom's house.  She was in bed, but I went into her room and said hi and told her I had arrived.  Then I rejoined my sister in the kitchen to learn about all my responsibilities.
     While we talked a "You-hoo" came from Mom's bedroom.  It is her way of letting us know she wants something.  I went in to see what she wanted.
     "Debbie is coming tomorrow morning at 8:00." She warned,  "You should go out somewhere and be somewhere else."
     This "Debbie", I assumed, was one of Mom's care workers, who come in on weekdays to help Mom.  This message I was just given was a bit disconcerting, I have often hung around the house while other care givers have been around and there had been no problem.  I don't know anything about this Debbie, but I am scared enough to make myself scarce when she arrives.
     My concern was re-enforced in the middle of last night.  I was snoozing away in the guest bedroom when I was awakened by the dreaded "You-hoo". I shook the heavy sleep induced fog from my head pushed myself from the bed and walked in the dark to my mom's room. 
     "Do you need something?" I asked. 
     "Tomorrow at 8:00 Debbie is coming" was her reply. 
     I tried to temper my response.  I told Mom that tomorrow was Sunday and that Debbie was coming on Monday, and that I would be sure not to be around when she came, and that it was the middle of the night and she should try to go back to sleep.
     "Oh," my mom said, and I walked back to my bedroom.  Unfortunately, I was now wide awake.  I checked my iPad to see what time it was (see screenshot above), I ended up reading a chapter in my book, before I finally was able to succumb back into slumber.
     Fortunately there were no more "You-hoo's" during the night.  I have been making plans about where I can go to escape being around when Debbie arrives tomorrow morning.

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