Thursday 3 September 2015


    One of the things I like about going on the Ozalenka Alpine hikes beside the scenery, is the people that show up.  It seems that there is always some unexpected or unknown person who comes for the hike.  On our hike up to Teare Mountain, the unknown person was Fabienne.  She is from Leipzig, Germany and is spending some time in the McBride area.
    As we bumped our way up the rough trail to McBride Peak in Al’s truck, Fabienne was telling about some of the experiences she had camping and hiking on trails in New Zealand.  Later as we trudged up the slopes and across the meadow, I learned that she is on her way up to the Yukon where she will be spending part of the winter working with a dog team outfit, doing odd jobs around the farm and caring for the dogs.  
    It always makes me happy to meet young people out exploring the world.  Some of them come through the Robson Valley and spend time in McBride to work on farms and ranches.  Many of them come out for the hikes.  It sounded like Fabienne took a break from washing dishes and was looking for some other jobs to help subsidize her bus ticket up to the Yukon.
    The photo below shows Fabienne and Vern poising on a ridge of Teare Mt.

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