Sunday 20 September 2015

729 Apple Pies

    Yesterday I joined 70 other residents of the Robson Valley in a fund raising effort for the McBride Library by making apple pies.  This is the second year of pie making and like last year, it was an amazing example of organization.  People were washing apples, peeling and slicing apples, mixing spices and apples, measuring dough, rolling dough, putting the apples in the dough, placing on the top, and sealing the pie.  Others were washing dishes, fixing a lunch for the participants, and distributing the finished pies.
    It always warms my heart to see so many, and such a wide spectrum of our little community, donating time and working together to help make our valley a better place.  To be a part of such a community was one of the things I was hoping for when I first moved here a few decades ago.

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