Wednesday 30 September 2015

Golf Course: Back to Nature


     For 80 years or so there has been a well maintained golf course in the neighborhood I grew up in.  Known as Clearcrest Pines or Clearcrest Country Club, it featured rolling hills, beautiful greens, and paved pathways for the golf carts, all accented by tall pines.  Although I don't play golf, I often enjoyed wondering through the park-like landscape enjoying the vistas.
     I was shocked to hear that it had been sold and closed, probably soon to be developed for houses.  The maintenance on the course halted, but the grass kept on growing.  I was curious about the result so walked over there yesterday to take a look.  
     In the photo above you see what once was a green in the foreground.  Below is the clubhouse, and below that a former tee off place.  At the very bottom you can see a sand trap in the distance.
     Anyone for a round of golf?

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