Wednesday 11 March 2015

The Brown Season

    Now that most of the snow has disappeared from the valley bottoms of the Robson Valley, we are moving into what I refer to as the “Brown Season.”  While it is nice to add brown and tan to the long held gray and white color palette of winter, I still find this a very frustrating time of the year.  As the temperatures become milder, I feel a great need to be outside doing gardening things, but what a person can do is very limited.  The ground is still frozen or too cold for planting.  Many of those places that do thaw out during the day have turned to mud, which in itself is not very conducive to outside activities. 
    Any one who reads this blog periodically knows how much I enjoy being out poking around in the bush, discovering unexpected beauty and plants growing in the woods.  This time of year there is just not much happening out there as far as plant life is concerned.
    In a month the brown will begin to turn to green, but until then I feel pretty much like I am in a holding pattern.

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