Sunday 22 March 2015

Elk Through the Snow

    Yesterday we forced ourselves to go to the McBride airfield to walk the dog in really miserable weather.  A wet snow was blown by strong winds.  I didn’t expect much from the walk except for misery, but once we got out on the runway, Joan noticed a big herd of elk (Wapiti) which looked like ghosts animals on the horizon.  
    I tried several times to get a decent photo of the elk.  It was difficult since the snow was blowing directly at the camera when I aimed it at the elk.  I was happy when I you could at least sort of see the elk when I got to look at the photos I took.
    I was right about our walk, it was very miserable, but at least there was an unexpected reward in seeing the huge herd of elk.  I haven’t seen any elk all winter long, and suddenly here is a giant herd of them.

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