Thursday 5 March 2015

Tales of Turkey Jerky

    I try not to eat mammals, but I am too weak to deny myself of other animal products, so that leaves me eating, chicken, turkey, and fish.  Whenever we make the drive up to Prince George, we have fallen into the unhealthy habit on our return trip, of always having a big bag of chips, or cheezies, to munch on.  We realize it is awful junk food, but we seem to need something like that to entertain our mouths driving home.
    Many years ago, we discovered turkey jerky.  It is tasty, and whether it is healthier or not I don’t know, but it feels healthier.  The problem is it is really hard to find around here, and as a result, we only have it about once every two years.  Luckily, on a past trip to Costco, we did find some, and so we bought two bags, but we didn’t get a whole lot of enjoyment from them.
    One bag disappeared almost immediately.  Upon returning home from our shopping trip, Joan nonchalantly tossed one of the turkey jerky bags onto our kitchen counter.  I seems like a miracle, but the bag hit perfectly at a narrow crack between our wall and the kitchen counter, and slid through the narrow crack, disappearing forever.  I haven’t yet figured out how to get it out, short of dismantling our kitchen cabinets.
    Okay, that was one bag down, one to go.
    We started out faring better with the second bag.  Joan, Skye (our dog) and I drove up to Prince George on Tuesday, and broke into the turkey jerky on the drive up.  After such a long period without, it was good to once again savor the turkey jerky as we drove.  When we finished with our small snack Joan resealed the bag and slipped it into a catch-all bag that hangs behind the driver’s seat.
    Once in Prince, we made several stops to do our shopping.  While in Costco, Joan asked if we needed to buy any junk food for our trip home, and I stoically said, “No, we’ve got the turkey jerky.”  We did check in Costco, to see if they had more turkey jerky, so that we could stock up, but alas, they had none. 
    After returning to the car, we noticed that Skye had a guilty look on her face.  When Joan investigated, she discovered the reason--in our absence, Skye had broken into and devoured the remaining contents of our turkey jerky.
    As a result, we ended up again buying some junk food to eat on our drive back to McBride.  

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