Sunday 29 March 2015

Old Document Found in Library Book

    Joan is always checking out cook books at the McBride Library.  The library is not a huge big one so the selection is not enormous.  The other day she checked out a cook book on coffee cakes, and other such sweets, and as she was leafing through it she was surprised to find amongst its pages, a note that she had written five years ago.
    In 2010, we had a family reunion in McBride.  Family members came from the US and Holland.  Since it was a special occasion, we were going to take a break from our usual healthy diet and have a “Deep Fry” Day.   This led Joan to research recipes for doughnuts and Buffalo wings.  
    She found the old note on the doughnut page of the library book and the note was a recipe for the Buffalo wings.  
    I remember the big feast of deep fried foods, it was delicious.  As everyone snacked on the greasy food, our relatives from Holland were glued to the TV watch the Final in the World Cup Soccer game.  While the food was great, the score was not--Holland lost.

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