Friday 13 March 2015

Murals of McBride

    Yesterday, I had to take my truck into town to get it worked on.  After dropping it off, I had to wait for Joan to get out of her knitting group so she could take me home.  I was a bit early for the pick up so I walked out of the garage wondering how I was going to kill some time.
    Once outside I glanced to my left and there was the gigantic mural photo of some of McBride’s early trainmen standing beside a monstrous steam locomotive.  This mural was done by Matthew Wheeler a local photographer and artist, who figured out a way to enlarge an old photo into this enormous size.  It is a remarkable achievement.  I am amazed both at the amazing sharpness of the old photo and Matthews ability to enlarge and mount it.
    McBride also has a few more murals.  Below, you can see the mural local artist Glen Frear painted on the side of Scotia Bank.  The photo cuts off about half of the train, because part of my view was blocked by parked cars, but the painting of the train runs the entire length of the building.
    At the bottom is a shot of another one of Matthew Wheeler’s historical photo murals showing a team of old winter loggers.  These murals certainly spruce up the town and are a lot more interesting to look at than the boring sides of the buildings.  They demonstrate some of the creativity and talent that McBride has to offer.

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