Sunday 1 March 2015

Putting Snow to Use

    Whenever I clear my driveway, using either a shovel or a snowblower, I create piles of snow along the edges.  The snow-piles usually just sit there until the warmer weather make them slowly melt away.  Yesterday I actually put one of these piles of snow to use--I used it instead of a ladder.  
    I like to prune off the top of my cherry and crab apple trees, so that when the summer arrives we can sit on the lanai and view the Cariboo Mountains without the top of the fruit trees blocking the horizon.  Normally to prune the trees I need to drag out and stand on the step ladder, so that I can reach the top branches.  
    I realized yesterday that the piles of snow that line the drive were high enough to enable me to just stand on them instead of using a ladder in order to prune the top of the trees.  Being a lazy sort of person, when I saw that I could do the job without dragging the ladder out of the shop, I immediately grabbed the pruners and started working on the trees.

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