Friday 27 March 2015

Ice Free Pond Day

    I ask your indulgence.  I know this really doesn’t matter much to anyone but me, but it is very important to me--yesterday was the first ice free day of my pond.  It is yet another reassuring sign that Spring has arrived.  Because it has been such an important day, I usually mention it in my blog.  I have noted several times this year that spring weather has arrived early, and by checking back on my passed blogs that is certainly the case.
    Last year the pond became ice free on April 20.  In 2013 it was Apr. 15, and in 2012 it finally melted on April 21, the year before that it was Apr. 22.  As you can see it generally melts after the middle of April, and this year it happened in March.
    It is always a treat to see the reflections and sparkles of open water when we look out our window.  Yesterday was also the first day I saw some ducks on the pond.  Normally they start arriving when the pond is still mostly ice covered.

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